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Love for Abandoning Average

Love for Abandoning Average

This podcast is SUCH a breath of fresh air! As someone who identifies completely with this mission, this podcast is encouraging and positive in a world that often communicates that we can’t do what we really want with our lives. LISTEN TO IT!

— Melanie Ivey Shaw

Why Abandoning Average?

The idea for this space started while I was in a low place. I felt sad, alone, and disappointed. So often I would get excited about making a change--in my life or for others lives. That excitement always seemed to fall flat on the ears of others. No one else appeared to want to make an impact. I have been told I am "too challenging" and that I ask "why" too much. However, the people saying that are the ones who want to live ordinary lives and be "average."
Well, I believe there are others out there who want to impact the world with their passions, skills, and uniqueness. I want to inspire those people to take action. Break through the average desire to fit in and know that you were created to be you--to shine as an individual. Emerge as one who does the influencing for God's glory.
It's time to stop letting fear stop us. Whether its fear of the unknown, fear of people's opinions, fear of failing, it doesn't matter. God did not put you on this earth to never do anything because you are scared. That's a fact.
Step Out.
Be Brave.
Abandon the Average.


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