What is Fastpass Exactly?

Fastpass can be slightly confusing--especially you you are visiting the Disney parks for the first time or even the first time in a long time! We are sharing our best explanation and tips for Fastpass with you today!

Fastpass+ Basics

The definition: Reservation service allowing you to enter a shorter wait-time line on even the most popular rides.

Most common questions are...

Is it free?

Can anyone use it?

Yes and Yes!

Here’s how you use it:

You do have to have one for each person, but you can book one for each person by having those people all linked to one account. Assign a “manager!”

Onsite Guests: 60 days

Offsite Guests: 30 days

You can pre-book 3 fastpasses per person per ticketed day!

Now, Disney does have a tiered system where they somewhat control what you get so that you don't get too many of the most popular rides. They want to make sure the traffic is controlled well! Don't worry about that though, we have a really simple cheatsheet created just for you to work through the tiered system and also plan your trip!

Other Tips for Fastpass:

You can always book more, one at a time, later in the day.

You can also modify them both for the time and the attraction.

One thing that we have run into is you do have to prebook every Fastpass in one park. However, after that, you can book others in a different park if you were thinking of park hopping.

We hope this explains everything for you. Drop any questions in the comments below. Also, let us know what your favorite tips are for fastpass!

Don’t forget our Tiered Fastpass Cheatsheet!