The Difference Between Discomfort and Conviction

When growing a business, it can be difficult to see where you just need to move beyond your discomfort of the new or where you really do need to stand your ground on a conviction. Let's start ensuring we are doing business honorably and not just because we are pushing through being uncomfortable in growth. As we do, I want to share with you some of my best guidelines for you!

Many times we confuse when we are in a state of discomfort what we are supposed to do next. Two of the best examples that I can think of for what to do in that moment are that of Moses and Jonah.

If you remember in the Bible, Jonah was called to speak to the people of Nineveh. However, Jonah had heard of the people and their reputation and was truly terrified of doing so. What did he do instead, he took off in the other direction! Crazy, right? He still did it though.

The other example is that of Moses at the burning bush. God spoke to Moses clearly, telling him that he would be the one to lead the Lord's people out of captivity. Moses had quite a few objections, but he did end up doing it.

What was the difference between the two? Both of them heard from the Lord. Both of them were tasked with a work to do. Yet, they both acted very differently as a result.

The main difference was in their choice to obey or disobey where God had called them. God was far from silent. He spoke openly to them about what he wanted them to do. He was there to guide them just as He is here to guide us. It comes down to acting in obedience even if we feel confused or weak.

None of us are perfect by any means. Yet, we do have the capability to follow God's guidance. In choosing to do so, we can stay on the narrow path following Him, rather than falling into following the world.