How to Use Disneyland's Maxpass

Is it just us or can Disneyland's Maxpass be a little difficult to grasp and confusing? We finally figured it out and we want to share our thoughts and tricks with you on how to use Maxpass, as well as helping you decide if it is worth it for you!

Maxpass is a paid feature. It is a paid option that you add onto your park admission if you choose. As of now, it is $50 per person.

You Get Two Features

  • Enhanced Fastpass Plan (skip the main line option)

  • Photopass Plan (professional photos around the park and from the rides uploaded to your Disney account)

Maxpass becomes "active" in your app immediately after you are scanned into the park, not necessarily when you officially enter the park.

We say this because at park opening in the morning, cast members often scan in the first people in line so that when they open the gates to the park, those people can move quickly through and the cast members can move onto scanning the next people. So, if you are one of the first in line, you will more than likely get scanned in and have access to booking fastpasses before entering the park and before anyone else!

When You Book A Fastpass, The App Will Let You Know When You Can Book Another

Because the passes are time based, you are able to hold more than one fastpass at a time, but you do have to book them one at a time. Also, the ones that you hold cannot be duplicates!

With Photopass, you are able to get unlimited photos for the full day, including ride photos

Just got up to any photopass photographer and ask them for a photo! They will take a series of pictures and then ask to scan your app so they can upload there. It usually takes a bit of time to upload, so don't worry if you don't see them right away!

Get Ride Photos By Taking a Picture of the Code

Disneyland doesn't have a simple way to upload the photos to your app yet. What they do is at the end of the ride where they display your photos, there is also a number at the bottom. You keep track of that number and put it in your phone so it can upload there.

Our suggestion: Take a photo of that picture on the screen so you have the number saved. You can enter the numbers in your app at the end of the day in one go!

Is It Worth The Price?

Overall, we think yes!

If you want it simply for the photos, we definitely think you should just purchase Maxpass for one person. Everyone should be in the same photos, and if not you can always have the photographers scan it to the same account as well as upload the rides photo numbers to the same account.

For the fastpass function, check and see who all will want to skip the line. If everyone, get it for every individual!