How To Efficiently See Everything at the Walt Disney World Parks!

We want to share our best tips with you about how to visit the parks and get to see all that you want to...because no one wants to miss their favorite part of the parks!

Tip 1: You Can Pre-book Three Fastpasses ahead of Time

If you are staying onsite, you have the perk of being able to prebook those three per day per person 60 days before your travel date.

For offsite guests, you are able to book yours 30 days before your first travel date!

Tip 2: Book Those Time for Somewhat Earlier in the Day

If you are a fast-mover, our best tip is to book those fastpasses for early in the day. Start about an hour after park opening and try to get them back to back. Remember, this only works if you want to move quickly through the parks. Leisurely touring calls for spread out fastpasses.

Tip 3: Refresh Your App

Now for each fastpass time that you book, you get an hour to use it. So, say you book a fastpass for 11am... You have until 12pm to use that Fastpass. The catch is you cannot book another fastpass in that hour window. Your next fastpass has to start at 12pm or later. However, once you use that fastpass, you have the option of moving your 12pm fastpass closer to you. See where the genius is in this? You can get rid of your fastpasses by opening your My Disney Experience app right after your first fastpass is used and hitting "Modify" to bring your next fastpass closer to your current time.

Tip 4: You Can Book 1 Fastpass at a Time after Your 3 Pre-booked Ones Are Used

After you have modified those earlier fastpasses and used them all, you can go to book one more fastpass at a time for the rest of the evening! So, while the system gives you the opportunity to pre-book three fastpasses, while you are actually touring in the park, you may finish the day having used way more than three. It all depends on how strategic you are with the app--checking, refreshing, and modifying those fastpasses.

Those are our best tips on fastpasses. Again, most of these are for those who want to ride all of the rides and don't mind being on their phones for a bit of that time. If you do mind, we highly recommend stretching those three, pre-booked fastpasses out over the entirety of the day.

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