Our Five Favorite Rides at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

We are walking through our favorite rides (not including shows) at Animal Kingdom today at AB Adventures. This is part of a four-part series on Our Favorite Rides at Walt Disney World! We hope it will help you figure out what rides not to miss if you are planning a trip or maybe just so we can chat about your favorite rides!

The Breakdown


5. Kilimanjaro Safaris

4. Kali River Rapids

3. Expedition Everest

2. Dinosaur

1. Flight of Passage


5. Na'vi River Journey

4. Kali River Rapids

3. Dinosaur

2. Expedition Everest

1. Flight of Passage

If you have ridden Flight of Passage, can you really put it pass us for making that our top one? It truly is a wonder of a ride!

You can watch the video for some details on each of the rides and why we love them so much.

Now, our question to you... What is your favorite ride at Animal Kingdom?

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