9. Discovering Your Purpose, Passion, and Plan for Generous Giving with Julie Wilson

Join Julie Wilson--President of Women Doing Well--and I as we discuss generous giving in the lives of women. Julie has such a gift for leading and teaching women about pulling away from scarcity in terms of their finances in order to live abundantly with what God has given. We will work through our purpose, passion, and plan as generous women and steps to take to start living more freely for the Kingdom with this mentality!

The start of Women Doing Well began with four women with a desire to spread the conversation of generosity. With the help of a few outside sources--like Baylor University--they formed a survey to hear the voices of women on the subject. Their original goal was to receive 300 responses. In the span of a few weeks, they received thousands of responses from women. That body of research still remains the largest one today on the subject of generosity for women--secular or Christian!

"It's a megaphone from Christian women that they are so excited about generosity and they want in to the party."

Women said they wanted three things:

- Purpose (Unique and Permanent)

- Passion (Situational)

- Plan

On purpose, that is something that is unique to you. The pieces that God has given you to help the world for His glory.

With passion, Women Doing Well helps women's identify what you care about enough to sacrifice for it. In the same vein that Christ endured the cross because He loved you, we have a passion unique to us that we will sacrifice for.

We also answer the question of "What's so important about giving?"

Generosity is truly the very nature of God!

Stewardship is the framework. Generosity is the discipleship of that. That discipleship is not a "one size fits all." It looks different for every person, yet it is a constant development of working through that.

Julie unpacks the difference between abundance and scarcity for the believer as opposed to what those words mean to the world.

God is a God of abundance. The opposite of abundance is not scarcity, it is sufficiency. This is not about prosperity, but about reliance on God. Generosity and the practice of that is not about Getting more. It is about realizing who you are and what you have is enough!

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