8. Abandon the Average Way of Approaching Business

The Abandoning Average Podcast is back!

After a long hiatus, I decided it was time to share with you all that I have been learning. Some has been rough, but all has been good. I want you in on the lessons learned through the process.

We are coming back strong with a focus on you all--Christian business women--who want to hold up their values first before ever caving to the norms of business. I want to help you get unstuck, find clarity, and be proud in running your business as a faith-based owner.

If you are a faith-based business owner, maybe you get confused on who to follow, where to get your business tips, how to learn, but to also keep your priorities and values in line. 

First of all, I can tell you follow Jesus. Above and beyond everything. Beyond that though, let's chat in this episode about getting those priorities in line and centering your focus on God, rather than shifting your focus to improve your business. You can be a Christ follower and a good business owner!

Let's set aside the striving and "hustle."

Let's set aside manifesting for surrendering.

"Don't sacrifice those values on the alter of gaining success or being popular."

I want to point you to a couple of different people.

Malinda Fuller, Author of Obedience Over Hustle

Obedience Over Hustle


Michelle Myers

She Works His Way

Common Practice is Not Always Best Practice