6. Creating a God-Focused Definition of Success

You all have seen the progression and alterations I have made over time with this podcast. I never wanted to get stuck in the rut of simply sharing interviews of women just to share them. Intentionality with the interviews for the purpose of empowering you to abandon the average for God's glory is crucial to me. With that said, let's unpack the idea of success in God's eyes.

The more I have learned about God and His purpose, the more I have found that His culture is flipped from ours. Our natural desires and pursuits often differ from His. What have specific ideas of success. We stress over it. We pursue it at all costs. Yet, is that God's intention. Is it of God?

Have you ever gotten in your head that a specific goal is the one you need to commit to for whatever reason? X amount of income. Featured at such and such conference or on a magazine. I've been there and seen how frustrating it is to be out of alignment with where God has called you.

The perfect analogy that I can think of when speaking about this awkward shift from self-focused goals to God-focused is an hourglass. The first way you may be operating has the sands going one way. When you realize that the sand needs to go the other way, there's an awkward point where it kind of stops and slows in the neck of the hourglass before you gain momentum to move the other direction.

So, how do we shift to the other direction?

Business creates an impact. Money creates an opportunity as a byproduct of that impact.

How does God intend us to use business to create impact--not predefined worldly success?

Here's the thing: we are made in God's image. He worked. He created. And He did all of that with a PURPOSE. Looking at that, there was no money involved at the beginning of time when God created. What His work was then was purpose-driven creation for impact and God's glorification.

Income and profit follow service for the glory of God. If you need income and profit to continue doing what God has set for you to do, He will provide it. Yet, it is not about the income and profit. It's about purpose-driven business for the glory of God!