3. Christ-Centered Work and Originality as a Creator with Maryfrances Carter

I'm beyond thrilled to share Maryfrances Carter with you. She is the founder of Paper Poppies Co. where she does some of the most gorgeous watercolors and pottery. In this episode, we discuss original creation as an artist, the benefits of having a mentor, as well as staying open for change in your business.

We chat about how she grew up in a home full of creativity where having new ideas was encouraged. She shares her story about the process she went through to get to owning her ceramics business now.

Maryfrances additionally shared the importance of having a mentor while you are developing your craft. As her mentor said, "I learned most by doing."

- It doesn't have to be someone in the same craft as you. It can be a close friend, but someone whom you can consistently confide in.

- See if you need emotional support or practical mentoring.

- Never be afraid to ask someone.

One of my favorite moments in this episode was chatting with her about making pivots in your business. Often times, we get deeply attached to what we have built that it is desperately hard to let the old go. "For me, I don't know that I let it go as much as carry it over." She shared how people naturally change and your business should naturally change with it. That's okay! Allow that authenticity to come through as you shift.

Ways to Stay Inspired:

- Check out local museums and art galleries

- Get to know other creatives

- Get outside and take in normal life

"Abandoning Average sometimes means embracing the average to make it incredibly special."

Connect with Maryfrances

Instagram: MaryfrancesCarter