29. Why It Is Never About You

It can get hard as you are growing a business on how you present yourself as the leader of your business.

What if people think you are narcissistic?

What if everyone sees all of your flaws?

What are people going to think about me?

How do I go after my goals without worrying about what people think about those goals?

Here's my secret to you...

Well, its not really a secret. I want you to tell everyone else this, especially yourself.

It's never about you!

It doesn't matter if you share a picture with you as the focus.

It doesn't matter if you share your new product.

The reason being that if you are focusing your ambitions and your business on God and His glory, everything goes around that. It doesn't matter if someone interprets what you are doing wrongly and thinks YOU are the center of the business and everything is revolving around that. You know that is not the case. You know it is for His glory.

Doing something, having ambition, does not mean that you are self-focused. Hear me on this.

In Proverbs 31, toward the very end, it says, "honor her and let her works bring her praise." She worked hard at her business and at her home. She kept her head down and her focus straight. Yet, it still says at the end to remember to honor her and let her works be praised. Not everyone remembers to do that for others. So, just remember, your work has power and worth regardless of what others think because you are right before God!

Be brave.

Be bold.

As God has called you in His strength.

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