Ep. 27 Working, Or Rather, NOT Working For Free

It's a common problem that people experience when branching out into selling their own product or service--should I work for free? We want to help our friends. We want to get our businesses off the ground. In the midst of desiring that though, there is the struggle of actually requiring payment for that product or service.

In this episode we talk all about the reasons why you might be struggling to request payment for your work. There are all kinds of reasons, and friend, those are totally understandable! I have personally struggled with this and have a very real story of not wanting to require people to pay me.

Here's the truth though:

When you consistently get into the rut of doing free work, you will earn the reputation as one who only does free work. It will be so hard to change the story on that.

What's more, it's so important to value yourself even when others don't value you. Do your utmost to communicate your value to others, but if you are having a hard time in front of a certain crowd, just find a new crowd to make those sales. The point being that you should never lower your value for anyone.

Have a select few people that you may gift your work to, but otherwise know that it is best for you and them to actually require payment.

Value you, friend. Every time.

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