Free Ebook: Focusing Your Business on Stewardship and Generosity

It happens. I do get it. We are cranking on our biz, growing in personal development, and then you head to your Christian circle and all of a sudden feel totally disconnected, unrelatable, and like you have two separate lives. Christian business women realize that it isn't about them, but its about God and His Kingdom.

Yet, how do you make that actionable?

How do you make the two mesh?

It's unintentional, but it still happens often. We feel like business and our spiritual loves are totally separated. Am I right?

In all honestly, it's a long process and journey of keeping yourself in check and growing. There is no one-and-done answer to completely fix the disconnect and make you totally aligned with God's plan. I sure wish there was. But that is the point of faith. We have to continually choose to trust God. It's a process. We have to keep pouring God's truth into our lives. We have to keep pointing back to Him and asking what He seeks for our lives.

However, the FIRST step in the journey is realizing your biblical identity as a Christ-follower and a business owner.

And guess what?! I'm seriously leaning way forward in my seat with a massive grin on my face over this...

I've designed a FREE workbook for you to walk through understanding God's and your part in your business. It is a 7-page ebook and what you will find is...

  • Pages chock-full of biblical truths

  • Spaces for journaling

  • Questions

  • Tips

  • All the Scripture!

I made this just for you, friend! You will be able to work through those confusing kinks in making those two parts of your life mesh as they should. You will be able to start this journey with more clarity!

You Can Download It Right HERE!

One More Thing...

I believe in you. When others might be saying you are crazy, I truly am cheering for you!

Let's keep chasing our purpose.

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