Ep. 26 How To Start a Podcast

Ever since starting my podcast, Abandoning Average, I have gotten all the questions about how to start your own podcast. First of all, YOU GO! Go launch that thing and know I am cheering for you! This is such a fun, eye-opening endeavor and you are going to absolutely love launching your own variation of a podcast.

So, to help you out a bit, I have put together an entire episode devoted just to you as you are putting all of the details together. This is specifically for the person trying to get their idea of the ground. If you are trying to scale, grow it to hundreds of thousands of downloads right now, I can point you to some other people who are doing just that! Feel free to contact me if you want more details for scaling your podcast.

For those just now wanting to launch, I got you!

In this episode we cover the basics of podcasting which comes down to

  • Your Idea

  • Recording

  • Editing

  • Launch/Marketing!

Boiled down, that's it! It can be really easy to over-complicate the process, stress about details, and want everything to be perfect. Your best bet though, is to focus on the details that specifically support those four topics.

Throughout this episode, I expounded on each of those points for you to get all the tips you need to get your podcast on its feet. As always, let me know if you have any questions, I want to hear from you!

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