Ep. 25 The Enneagram and the DiSC | When To Use Them

The world seems to be blowing up with the Enneagram. So, let's chat about it!

This whole episode is about when should you be using the Enneagram and when should you use the DiSC?

The difference between the Enneagram and DiSC lies in really two questions. Whichever one of these that you are trying to find the answer to will tell you essentially which assessment to use or take!

So, *drumroll* the two questions are...

How do you work?

Why do you work the way you do?

The first question is answered through the DiSC. If you are attempting to figure out how you specifically like to work or what one of your teammates values within a work environment, this is the one for you! You will be amazed at how much can be brought out in a DiSC assessment. Truly, your personality lends itself to the strengths, weaknesses, and frustrations you have at work. Taking the time to become more self-aware of your personality can sky-rocket your focus and curb many of your frustrations!

The second question of "why do you work the way you do" goes back to some of your values from an early stage in life. This one can be used in counseling or therapy sessions over using the DiSC, because again, it goes back to your reasons and decisions from years back.

Just to boil it down...

When Its The Best To Use Either Assessment...


  • Team development among an already existing team.

  • Conflict resolution

  • Self-awareness

  • Improving personal strengths and weaknesses


  • Counseling or therapy sessions

  • Further understanding of WHY you have particular values.

To further your knowledge of the DiSC and Enneagram, there are plenty of free assessments online for the Enneagram. You can get a good handle on your personality style from those with description on each personality type.

For the DiSC, you can grab the highest quality DiSC assessment here! It will walk you through your personal strengths and weaknesses, ways to connect better with others, areas of growth, and what kind of space you need to truly thrive in your work! There are three different options for you there. You can do a DIY on the assessment and get all the knowledge yourself, you can have a 1:1 coaching call with me along with the assessment, and you can take your team through it as well!


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