Ep. 24 We Are Not Virtual Beings | The Power of In-Person Connections

Months ago I was invited to a Christian women's business conference. I was all kinds of pumped for it, but before I booked the ticket, my church announced they were hosting a women's conference on the SAME day! Not even weeks after that, I heard of two other conferences that I deeply wanted to attend. How could I possibly choose one?

What it came down to was not "which one will teach me that most," because I would have totally chosen a different one for business advice and personal growth. The question I asked was "which one can I carry the most in-person connections with after the conference." Why was that the question that I asked?

Our Western culture praises individualism and being able to make it alone. Yet, that misses the whole fact that God literally wired us to need Him and other people. We are not virtual beings, but beings who deeply crave God's and other people's connection in our lives.

In This Episode

  • We discuss how we are hardwired for in-person connection.

  • Why I chose the conference I did.

  • Inspiration and encouragement to make the connections you need to make.

How can you incorporate that into your life?

Invite someone for coffee

Have lunch with a friend

Create the opportunity for you to physically give a friend a hug!

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