Ep. 21 | Committing to Consistency Over Perfection with Sarena Hess

Today I brought an incredible friend of mine come on the podcast with me to talk about a prevalent subject for ambitious women. The subject is choosing to have consistency over perfection.

We often think we need to read, research, and hone everything we do before actually putting the final product out there. In this, we are seeking perfection. However, the actual key to accomplishing goals is consistency. Consistency gets you to the place that you want to be, while honing your craft along the way. Perfection holds off that progress, internalizing it without the opportunity of outside opinions, help, or improvement.

Here are some of Sarena's and my tips for you in developing your consistency.

  • Know The Steps It Will Take

  • Keep Everything Simple

  • Show Up Every Day with Those Steps

I am so excited for all that you do and I know you can get where you want to be. It just takes consistency--over and over again without fail.

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