Ep. 20 How To Develop A Biblical Money Mindset

There are a lot of people in the online space proclaiming that if you receive money, it will come to you. To a small extent, there is truth in that thought. But for the most part, I would like to bring a biblical view on money to the table for discussion and growth.

Months ago, I read a post from a female entrepreneur who wanted to know if anyone else related to her in who guilty the Church made her feel for creating a successful income through her business.

  • Was it wrong to make money?

  • Was it wrong to not have to rely on the pure generosity of others for her livelihood?

  • Could she be a successful entrepreneur and also be guilt-free in church?

It was a lot of questions that essentially no one had an answer to. I about came off my seat with answers, thoughts, ideas--none of them perfect, but very excited to continue this conversation.

Here is the thing, we are all told to be empowered and ambitious. "GO! LIVE BIG!" Yet, when we start to do that and make money doing it, the chair at the table is pulled out from under us. Our wrists are slapped and the door is shut in our face. Ever felt that?

Then there is also the idea that Christians are meant to struggle in life, and so we will always be struggling with our income and having "enough."

I believe that we are meant to have better, different conversations and views around money--and even more--generosity. So, let's start this change on how we view giving, income, and big monetary goals!

The overall idea is that God has gifted those who are in needed of money, and He has gifted those who are making the money. Women particularly have a heart for generosity and nurturing others naturally. You are created for giving! What a blessing!

Some Of The Reasons We Hold Ourselves Back in Giving

I Worked So Hard For This Money

My Giving Won't Make a Difference

It's Too Hard to Give Back to God What is "God's OR I Can't Give 10%

I pray that this episode reaches you where you are today. I also pray that it inspires and encourages you to start where you are now in rejoicing with what God has given you.

Mentioned In This Episode:

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57% of women in charge of their household in America are generosity-minded and finding places to give now.

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