What Podcasting Equipment to Use as a Solo Host

Podcasting is experiencing a massive boom right now. Having my own podcast, I am constantly getting question on what equipment I use for my podcast and what I would recommend for theirs.

So, here's the first step in the process. What equipment should you have for yours as a solo host?


Amazon: Audio Technica ATR-2100

This one is fantastic for picking up sound right in front of the microphone.

When To Use: As a solo host in an echoy/noisy area trying to cancel out all sounds but your voice.

When Not To Use: When you have two or more people speaking through the mic or wanting to pick up other sounds besides your voice.

Pop Filter

Amazon: Pop Filter

Use this to cut out the harsh sounds like "S," "P," and "T."

Boom Arm

Amazon: NEEWER Boom Arm

You can use the Boom Arm to adjust the microphone to your height. It helps in keeping any other sounds from being picked up by your microphone to a minimum.

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