Ep. 19 3 Ways You Might Be Limiting Yourself

We all limit ourselves in some capacity. We buy into certain beliefs that keep us from getting to the end goal where we want to be.

I'm not as good as her.

I don't have the talent for that.

I don't know enough about that.

My personality isn't fun enough.

I can't be that creative.

I couldn't do what she does.

Buddy, I could go ON and ON with the list, because I have said all of them to myself. I know them by heart, sadly.

The best way for you to get where you want to be is to cut those off now so that you can run ahead without holds. It is easy and hard at the same time. It is easy to identify those, but hard to address. So let's do this together.

There are three particular limits that I have put on myself that I want you to be able to overcome now if you struggle with them.

I Don't Have Enough Money

I get it. Money does create possibilities. So often though we stop the plans and goals right at this sentence. We don't give. We don't invest. All because we feel as though we don't have enough now. Yet, we have to get past that mentality to not be strapped by that belief and either do the action anyway or take the steps to get to where we can do those things.

What Will People Think?

I could go on a whole rant about this. Still, I can tell you right now... So many times people are so consumed with themselves that they aren't thinking about you. The few that are only think the way they do based on their own view on life. With all of those situations, it really comes down to there only being a few people who truly are along with you with the same dreams and passions for you to truly consider what they are thinking. Otherwise, run with who God has said you are!

I Have to Research It More

I can tell you right now, you will never get anything done. Research to a point where you know your topic, but then put that away and produce! Create! You will see so much more success in actually doing. Plus, you will learn even more that way!

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