Ep. 17 Building Your Business with Transparency

Richard Bach "You teach best what you most need to learn."

Ashton Smith, the Founder of The Authentic Woman, joins us today to discuss the power and freedom found in just being who you naturally are. Her sweet spirit comes out as she shares about her passion behind her movement. After seeing the need in herself to grow in authenticity and confidence, she set herself as the voice speaking to other women on this topic. You all will love her fire for empowering women to show up fully as the people they are--without trying to hide anything.

"I'm still in this place of process, and trying to show up in the middle of that process is so uncomfortable... What matters is that you keep moving even through the discomfort."

She also shares the secrets of what it takes to grow a business from the ground up and tips for you to pursue your ambitions. We often believe it is such a simple thing to build a business or start a movement, and if it isn't simple, we must be doing something wrong. That is the farthest from the truth though. It takes work, focus, and consistency. Ashton pulls back the curtain for you to see exactly what her work and passion has looked like in the past.

In This Episode

  • Ashton talks about her journey to starting her lifestyle blog (Altogether Beautiful) which eventually morphed into "The Authentic Woman."

  • How she owned her story and shared the good, bad, and the ugly throughout the beginning stages of her entrepreneurial journey.

  • How to start being brave and bold in the middle of your story.

  • Stopping the comparison cycle and focusing down on your own work.

  • What it really took to start building her community and blog.

  • How to learn, adapt, pivot, and grow.

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