Ep. 14 Letting God Write Your Story with Teresa Swanstrom Anderson

Listen to author of the book "Beautifully Interrupted," Teresa Swanstrom Anderson, as she talks about her journey toward releasing her own desires over her life to God and allowing Him to direct her and her family's life.

Teresa has the kindest love for people, their personal stories, and deep friendships that glorify God--all of which I absolutely adore. She spends her time with her lovely family, running her blog, and speaking at conferences and events. Her home exudes beauty, and she is continuously hosting dinner parties as a way to consistent build community around her. Talk about intentional! Even in all of this, she shared how she had to find rest and balance in her life to focus on what was most important. I am so thrilled to share her story and her insights with you all. I know it will be a genuine encouragement to you as you are working through life yourself.

In This Episode

  • Teresa's story of releasing her own desire to become an art curator in Rome to becoming a mom of six children for whom she had originally never planned.

  • What culture shock was like after living in Guatemala for two and a half years.

  • Her and her husband's decision to adopt--resulting in eventually adopting four children from Ethiopia.

  • Cultivating community as an introvert.

Where to Find Teresa

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