8 Books Every Christian, Female Entrepreneur Should Have on Her Shelf

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

When you start in business as a female entrepreneur, there is so much information thrown at you. Add to that, you are trying to balance your faith as a Christian, and you just wish there was a concise book list for you to up your entrepreneur game. I got you, girl. These are eight of my favorite business and faith-related books that have helped me along in my journey so far. Some of them are focused specifically on business, while others are focused on what is your purpose and what do you do with your profit.

Simply Business

Start with Why by Simon Sinek Simon talks about how we tend to approach our business the opposite way from where people are inherently compelled to buy and partner with you. We have to shift our focus and messaging to truly connect with people and what they value.

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard This one is all about taking control of your day and yourself to develop that habits needed for you to go after your goals. It walks you through leveling up your influence, clarity, energy, and so much more. I think I have read it three times in a year now!

Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley Know that feeling of having to get all the things just right before ever taking action? I think just about every Christian, woman entrepreneur has experienced this in her life multiple times. Yet, it is not about that! We can have grace of our work and business, according to Christ. Keep taking action--no matter how imperfect--because that is what moves you forward.

How To Lead When You Are Not In Charge by Clay Scroggins I actually had this recommended to me recently by a friend. I am only part of the way through it, but I can not give this enough recommendations. If you are struggling to gain control in what you are doing, maybe it is time to take a step back and release your grip to the One who is actually in control. This one will rock your world!

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist If you haven't already heard of this book, you need to get on it! It's truly all in the title, and I know so many of us struggle to truly be present with our families and friends in the midst of buckling in for the wild ride of entrepreneurship. Check this book out, because I promise, friend, it will help you refocus.

Biblical Mindset toward Money

Never Enough by Ron Blue This book walks you through how to start serving and giving to the max with what you have now. It truly is an incredible one for any Christian, but I can tell you it has truly helped me in business. As Christian entrepreneurs, we know there is more to growing a business than just getting the paycheck. Yes, that is nice and necessary, but we have a Kingdom-focused heart that desires to give to others. Let's start now by serving for the Kingdom.

When Women Give by Kim King Women have a innate desire to give to others. We want to serve and support. Yet, we often don't truly know how to give generously to others. Kim King expertly guides you through the research you need to know and share the inspiration that you need to have to start this journey of generosity.

Abundant by Todd Harper We have an abundant life through Christ. It can often feel otherwise, but the truth is that we have everything we need in this life. From there God gives to those who have proven trustworthy to bless others. With that in mind, we can have an abundant mindset that is biblical and Kingdom-focused.​

Remember in your journey as an entrepreneur that it is okay to have ups and downs. It is okay to feel crazy at some times--what you are doing is amazingly crazy! Keep going and continue keeping the focus on Christ as your Provider.

Happy reading and learning!

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