Ep. 15 BONUS - Choosing Authenticity on Social Media with Christiana Miller

It is pretty hard to come by true authenticity on social media. It can often feel like we lead two separate lives--one in real life and another on social. Christiana Miller joins us on the podcast to talk about how she has organically grown her followers, along with carrying her core values and beliefs over to her online accounts.

She is a true gem of a person, and I can't wait for you to meet her! Along with sharing about social media, she also talks about her start as an entrepreneur, her tips for you, and her goals.

In This Episode

  • Starting young as an entrepreneur by selling tee shirts

  • Growing your blog and Instagram

  • Staying authentic on social media

  • Choosing to be yourself instead of trendy. (If you are following a trend, it will be hard to continue growing when that trend fades.)

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Where to Find Christiana

Instagram // YouTube // Blog

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