Ep. 13 Living Generously as a Serial Entrepreneur with Marla Stanley

Join Marla Stanley as she talks about her journey owning multiple businesses to currently running two that serve her mission of cultivating freedom and generosity among Kingdom-minded women.

Marla happens to be one of my long-time friends and biz bud. She is full of all kinds of wisdom that truly needs to be shared with everyone. She currently runs a faith-based counseling business along with being partnered with a luxury hair-care company. At home, her and her husband have two girls with a little boy on the way! In the midst of all of this, I have always admired her for keeping biblical standards at the core of everything.

She truly brings a breath of fresh air into the entrepreneur world, and I look forward to you snagging all the gold nuggets from her!

In This Episode

  • Marla's journey as a multi-business owner.

  • Her processes within her counseling business.

  • Considerations when starting counseling.

  • HealthCore Freedom Formula

  • Addressing Body, Mind, and Spirit together

  • Setting massive goals, not just for business, but for giving

  • Living with open hands

Mentioned In The Episode

Kris Vallotton and "Poverty, Riches, and Wealth"

Jennifer Allwood

Where to Find Marla

Website // Instagram // Facebook

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