Ep. 10 When God Leads You to Start a Business with Haley Martin

This girl--one of the funniest, most down-to-earth people you will meet. I am beyond thrilled that she agreed to share some of her story with you, because it is pretty amazing!

Haley Martin is the founder of Woven Together and completely crushes it with her phenomenal team of girls who are working to raise women up to work together as sisters in Christ. You are going to want to learn all the things from this girl! Here, she gives you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to start a business when you know God has called you to it.

Get ready for some laughs and all the info!

In this episode...

  • How Woven Together started.

  • Building a team of like-minded women

  • The struggles that come with pursing your goals.

  • Haley's best advice to you!

Where to find Haley and Woven Together...

Haley's Insta

Woven Together's Insta

Woven Together Website

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