Ep. 6 BONUS EPISODE - Introducing Our July Series

Introducing the new series for July, The Unique Value of You, I want to share with you some exciting topics that are coming for the whole month. We will be going through some subjects on how you can learn to stand apart as an individual unlike any other on this planet!

Abandoning Average exists to help you realize the incredible value you have as a creation of God--one different than anyone else. I know you. I know you are a rock-star, ambitious woman who is chasing down your goals hardcore every day. However, you can't do it be being like someone else.

God created you as YOU for a purpose. Don't hold that purpose back by trying to be like your friend next to you or that business owner who is totally crushing it. Let it go and allow God to lead in your life!

This series through July is laying the groundwork for grasping the unique value that you have. I truly hope for the depths of my heart that it serves and helps you.

I want you to know that you have so, much value. You are loved. By God. And though it is imperfect, you re loved by me as well. Go make the change that God has put before you confidently that God has given you what you need to do it.

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