Ep. 4 How to Stop Wearing Stress as a Badge of Honor

How to Stop Wearing Stress as a Badge of Honor

Life can get crazy. We have so much on our plates in our society. In many ways, that can be a good thing. you are creating purpose, drive, and accomplishment in your life.

However, we often get ourselves in a vicious cycle of wanting to accomplish so much and then feeling so incredibly stressed and anxious. What I have personally seen in my own life and watched from others is that we start to identify with this stress and anxiety--even going as far as pridefully showing off how much we are doing and how stressed we are as a result.

Listen to this podcast to refocus what we do with our day-to-day lives, how to control the stress, and to let God reign in our lives instead of our imperfect selves.

In this episode...

  • Where to Put Your Idenity

  • How to Approach Stress and Anxiety

  • Biblical Applications and Examples

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