What Even Is Going On? What Will Be Going On?

Hello SDG friends!

So, let's start with the painfully obvious. It has been terribly quiet over here lately.

You all deserve to know why and what is going on too!

As some of you may know, I acquired this business from my Dad who is an expert in stewardship and biblical leadership. I have been trained in training others on their leadership skills and have a true passion for it, but it really has taken some time to focus this business how God is guiding. Just being entirely real here.

Well, through a very long series of events, God has really brought me to a point of realizing my expertise and my heart. Here's what I love:

I Love...

...Watching women take massive leaps, be it in their business or in everyday life, putting full trust in God.

...Giving women the support they need to chase the goals God has put in from of them.

...Coaching people in stewardship of what God has given them--their leadership position, their skills, their money, their business, etc.

I realized that the way I was doing business here was not truly in touch with those things. Thus, I have been working on a project behind the scenes here that has largely contributed to the reason of why I have been so quiet.

And guess what: It is launching today!

To keep it short, I have created another brand and a place for the aspiring, Christian woman striving to stand out from the crowd as a unique creation of God—on a mission for abandoning the average. I want women to start stewarding the lives that God has given them--not allowing their lives to be controlled by fear.

Now, that this has launched... There are a few things you should know...

1. You can check out this movement and community here Abandoning Average

2. Next week I am starting another project just for you at SDG. I won't tell you all the details, but I can tell you it has to do with money and stewardship. Stay tuned for that! It will be coming for you shortly!