Generosity Challenge: Day 1

Here we go on Day 1 of this Generosity Challenge!

Scripture for today:

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” Psalms 24:1

The author of this Psalm stated quite clearly that God is in complete ownership of the earth and all it contains. We have the privilege to enjoy everything within it. However, as we enjoy it, He still remains in full ownership of it all. This fact can have the immense power to affect the way we live our lives, work, interact with others, and manage the possessions entrusted to us.

With that said, it should be clear that if we are given management over something, we are expected to care for it as the owner wishes. I think many of us would take that as obvious, and yet we often do not treat everything as God’s!

When we think within that mindset though, we realize that any and every blessing we are given does not need to be held so tightly.

It is God’s in the first place!

Viewing God as the greatest Giver, we have the opportunity to look at our blessings as opportunities to emulate Him and in turn GIVE! Moreover, generosity shows a gratitude for God’s generosity to us in whatever form that takes.

We are called to live in FREEDOM and with OPEN HANDS!

Essentially, the fact that we so often believe we own the resources in our possession impedes us the most. It halts us in the movement toward abundant generosity. View God as the owner and watch your hands start to open to those around you. It will change your life!

Here comes the Challenge!

As said just before this, we have the ability to live in the freedom that God has given us! It is absolutely glorious! It is time to stop letting ourselves be tied to money, possessions, and any other resources. Live freely!

Think back to the last time the Holy Spirit prompted you to sacrifice something that you held with tight hands. Did you do it? How did you feel about it? My challenge for us it to prayerfully consider your next step now. Perhaps it is to move on to a new sacrifice. Maybe it is to return to the one that you did not accomplish before now. Whatever it is, know that God is the owner and is in control. Whatever fear or discomfort I holding you back, know God owns everything and has the ability to protect, replenish, and comfort however you need. Ask God to set you free and allow you to live with open hands.

- Read 1 Timothy 6:6-10

- Read Matthew 6:24

- Create a list including the areas you need the Lord’s help for you to release. Ask for His freedom!

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